London Area Celebrations

Welcome to The London Area Celebrations Website

This website has been put together to celebrate the work of God amongst the Apostolic Churches in this nation and abroad. It’s focus is to unite churches as we move forward strategically in the coming years.

The Celebrations are over: What happens now?

The London Area Celebrations was a weekend that brought together several assemblies around London, the nation and the world in a phenomenal way. Through the power of technology we were able to connect online, renuite with old friends and make new ones. The celebration united us in prayer, praise and adoration to God for all He has done for us. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved. Whether you were involved through planning, producing, praying, inviting or participating we extend our gratitude to you all.

Finally, we would love feedback. Tell us your favourite parts, what we could improve on or please connect with us if this is your first time to the site, we would love to hear from you!

Did you miss a session? Would you like to watch the High Praise again?

We were overwhelmed by the thousands that visited this website over the weekend. It totaled over 8,000. If you would like to catch up or relive the weekend please visit the TACLAC ON DEMAND page which has all the main sessions recorded.

Are you connected?

We would love for you to keep connected by subscribing to our Social Media channels. Also by hitting the notification bell you are instantly notified of new materials. Finally share, share, share with all your friends and family.

Why don't you visit us? Online or Physically

There are several Apostolic Church assemblies around London. Some are still meeting virtually, whilst others have now meeting in person. Whatever the situation please visit the about page here to get all the information. 

Have you seen our photos gallery

To highlight the theme of unity we had a cloth made especially for the event.   It was great to see all those who made the effort. Many of us turned on our cameras and waved during the Zoom sessions. Visit our photo gallery here!

OTHER Upcoming Events

We have so many events taking place in London. Many of them are still online so please visit our events sections to find out more! We can’t wait to  fellowship again with you soon.


We are excited to be continuing the conversation in 2021. Join us, and invite your family and friends to get involved in discovering the truths of the Gospel for themselves.

Why Jesus Campaign 15th September

Many other initiatives are taking place in London. Pray London for example has been set up  as a catalyst to unite the church in prayer in Jesus’ name during this time of crisis in our capital.

They have monthly prayer meetings via social media. Please visit their website and find out how you can support them too!


Pray London

our purpose FOR GATHERING this year & BEYOND!


what is happening?

We have had our London Celebrations in August but we are still working with other churches to plan events that unite us in mind and spirit.

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Who is involved?

The Apostolic Church Assemblies within the London are workinhg togther!


How to get involved?

 The most important way is through prayer.  However, if you would like to help practically please contact the team.


our mission


Leadership teams will have the opportunity to set the vision for the years ahead.


It will be a time to reflect on pass initiatives and celebrate what the Lord has done.


We will have ample time to celebrate God's faithfulness to the movement.


Each month we have a Prayer Bulletin for this event. Let us encourage you to include the prayer points in your individual and corporate prayer sessions as we continue to seek God individually and on behalf of the nations.