London Area Celebrations

The August Conference will soon be here!

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Please note that you must register to gain access to the sessions! Not all sessions will be publicly available!

Upcoming Events

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We are excited to be continuing the conversation in 2021. Join us, and invite your family and friends to get involved in discovering the truths of the Gospel for themselves.

Don't miss our main event in August 2021!

our purpose

We are happy to announce The Apostolic Church, London Area Celebrations 2021. The event is titled One Fold, One Shepherd and that is the purpose of the gathering. It is a call for all London churches to come together. 


what is happening?

The London area celebrations will be a conference spread over three days. It will involve teaching of the Word, ministry time, High Praise, Q & A sessions and workshops for all age groups. 

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Who is involved?

The Apostolic Church Assemblies within the London area will come together to celebrate. 

All assemblies are  involved in the planning and the production of the day.


How to get involved?

 The most important way is through prayer.  You can however also help in the following areas: Registration, transport, stewarding, catering and hospitality. To offer your services please email us.

our mission


Leadership teams will have the opportunity to set the vision for the years ahead.


It will be a time to reflect on pass initiatives and celebrate what the Lord has done.


We will have ample time to celebrate God's faithfulness to the movement.

our theme

One fold logo

And other sheep I have which are not of this fold; I must bring them also, and they will hear My voice; and they will become one flock with one shepherd.

John 10:16

Exciting News


 We are excited to release our new video. It shows the progression from 2016 to now! We thank God for His faithfulness throughout the years. Click the video to watch and share with friends and family.


Each month we have a Prayer Bulletin for this event. Let us encourage you to include the prayer points in your individual and corporate prayer sessions as we continue to seek God individually and on behalf of the nations.

Many other initiatives are taking place in London. Pray London for example has been set up  as a catalyst to unite the church in prayer in Jesus’ name during this time of crisis in our capital.

They have monthly prayer meetings via social media. Please visit their website and find out how you can support them too!



Registration is open to all, please encourage others to register as we gather together to celebrate.