Why Jesus? Continuing the Conversation: Preparation, Training and Resources

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Looking for 2020’s resources? They are still around. Find them here!

Why Jesus - Continuing the Conversation - Leadership Stream

The next Why Jesus event is open to all TAC London Area Church members! Joining details will be posted shortly!

Sharon Dirckx will talk us through the discussion of why we are more than just our brain!

Caring for others yet responsible for ourselves

Christian ideas on love and boundaries:
Have you ever wondered if the Christian faith encourages an understanding of love and care that is unhealthy? Perhaps one that could lead to burn out, creating an environment where people can be easily taken advantage of? For some this is the reason that they reject Christianity! What does the Bible really say about what love looks like? 

This session looks at a healthy love, responsibility and boundaries from a Christian perspective. Lara Buchanan leads on this subject, followed by Q&A.

In a world with many problem is faith relevant anymore?

Tom Price brings a thought provoking subject to the table. People have suffered a lot in the last couple of years. How can we present faith as relevant to those who are hurting. 

Recommended resources:

Wednesday 27 January - Does faith make sense?

Training for members with teaching from Simon Edwards, followed by a Q&A Panel.

You may be surprised to hear that the answer is that not having faith makes no sense at all. Re-watch this vital resource here.

Wednesday 24 February - Can I be good without God? (Youth)

Training for members with a focus on Youth. Teaching from Claire Williams, followed by a Q&A Panel.

Being and doing good are part of the DNA of millennials and Gen Z.  We want the world to be a better place; we want moral progress; we want justice. Surely we can achieve this without God?  But if we take God out of the picture, what is left?  What is the alternative?  Can we be good without God?

Wednesday 17 March - Sharing the Good News under Covid

Evangelism Training from Clare Williams. What are the tools available to you?

What are the lenses or perspectives that our friends or work colleagues now view the world through? Has COVID highlighted certain personal and social needs? How can faith conversations occur about life and these new emerging questions so that we can really hear each other when we talk about what really matters together?

Need something to share? Try these videos that are also available on the All Nations’ Centre FaceBook page. These videos are available to download and share on your preferred Social Media platform. Right click the links below and select “Save Link As” to save on your PC, or hold on your phone and “Save Link” to download to your mobile device.

Psalm 18 Video – Needing light on your situation?

Psalm 22 Video – Why are Jesus’s words on the Cross important?

Psalm 30 Video – He turns my mourning into gladness!

Psalm 31 Video – Can we trust God to be with us in the worst of times?

Psalm 34 Video – Does God keep his promises?

Wednesday 24 March - Where is God in the Suffering?

Evangelism Training with Sharon Dirckx. 

Dealing with the question of suffering in a world created by God!

Wednesday 28 April - Why Trust the Bible?

Training for members with teaching from Calum Miller and Max Baker-Hytch, followed by a Q&A Session. 

Fact, fiction or fantasy?  How can we know that the Bible is true?  How can we understand its impact?  Why is there so much fuss about the Bible and what difference does it make to our lives?  Come and be inspired by the world’s best-selling book! 

Feedback from the 2020 programme:

"We need to be intentional about the conversations we have in our daily activities, take up the opportunities that are presented, pray and see the Lord work in lives."
"I learnt about the perception of people about Jesus Christ. Some people thought that being a believer you won't have any problems."
"I like the panel’s ability to give us unique ways to approach unusual questions with confidence to trust our holy spirit and God's desire which is reconciliation with man."
"The panelists communicated their knowledge and experience very well; very helpful. I can't wait to start using some of their examples."
"This has inspired me to really engage with family, work colleagues and neighbours in the conversation about Jesus"