Why Jesus?

(The conversation that matters)

What do you think of when you hear the name “Jesus”?


  • Sunday 22 November Morning Services: Simon Edwards – “Why Jesus?”
  • Sunday 22 November 6pm: Simon Edwards – Questions and Answers on “Why Jesus?”
  • Monday 23 November 6.45pm: Ps Emmanuel Mbakwe – “Jesus and Humanity – What gives us worth?”
  • Wednesday 25 November 6.45pm: Dr Sharon Drixlic – “Jesus and Covid – If God is good, why suffering?”
  • Saturday 28 November 6.45pm: Clare Williams – “Jesus and the Future – What gives us hope?”

The morning services will be conducted as normal, whilst the evening session will be conducted over Zoom and streamed via YouTube.

Upcoming Training Events

Please join us for these training sessions as we prepare for the ‘WHY JESUS’ missional week. The sessions are on Zoom. 

Zoom ID:82900330319  Passcode: 606060


Converstation Evangelism training session