Why Jesus?

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Can I be good without God?

Being and doing good are part of the DNA of millennials and Gen Z.  We want the world to be a better place; we want moral progress; we want justice. Surely we can achieve this without God?  But if we take God out of the picture, what is left?  What is the alternative?  Can we be good without God?

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Many people will try to tell you that faith makes no sense. However, you may be surprised to hear the truth: denying faith makes no sense! Hear Simon Edwards unpack this vital subject in the first of a number of talks this year.

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Coming up in March

We have an exciting line up of talks in the run up to Easter. Join in and invite your family and friends in anticipation of celebrating the life, death and resurrection of that first century, Jewish carpenter from Nazareth. Find out how in reality He influences your life today in very real ways. Start a journey that will transform your life!

About The Why Jesus? Series

Last November, the London Area Churches presented Why Jesus: The Conversation that matters.! These series of talks unravelled some of the difficult questions surrounding the matter of whether you can believe in Jesus. A short talk was followed by a Q & A session to which anyone could contribute and get their questions answered. You can find those videos below. Some of the answers will blow you mind!

Due to the success of the programme we are excited to present in 2021  Why Jesus: Continuing the Conversation which starts on Wednesday 27th January with the topic: Does Faith Make Sense?  We are very excited about all the events planned throughout the year. We invite you to join us and ‘Continue the conversation!’ 

The sessions will be streamed via YOUTUBE.  Please invite your friends and family. We look forward to answering your questions!

Find the answer to the most important question of your life: Why Jesus?

Why Jesus?

Q&A for the Why Jesus talk

What gives us worth?

If God is good, why suffering?

What gives us hope?

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