Why Jesus?

Continuing the Conversation

Am I Just My Brain?

What are the implications if there are evidences that we are more than just our brains? What is the relationship between our brain and our mind? Does that mean there is a God?

Find the answers in this session! Talk by Neuroscience Researcher Dr Sharon Dirckx followed by Q&A.

Why Jesus: Continuing the Conversation

2021 has seen many discussions on the subject of Why Jesus? From “Does Faith Make Sense?” to “Is Faith Relevant Any More?” we have travelled far this year. We invite you to revisit these conversations (all recorded and on YouTube,) and, perhaps, next year you may join us! We do BYOQ (Bring your own questions!)

Does Faith Make Sense? – Click here
Can I Be Good Without God? – Click here
Where is God in the Suffering? – Click here
Why Believe in Jesus? – Click here
What Makes Good Friday Good? – Click here
Resurrection and Hope – Click here
Why Trust the Bible? – Click here
In a World with Many Problems, Is Faith Relevant Any More? – Click here

In a World with many problems, is faith relevant any more?

Is faith still helpful in dealing with the problems that human beings face in the 21st Century? What does religion offer after science, technology and community have played their parts? Tom Price helps us examine the question of the continuing relevance of faith in the modern world, the persistence of some deeply felt and universally held questions, and then consider the inspirational Christian answers to these current problems and challenges.

Join us Wednesday 21 July at 7pm

Why Trust the Bible?

Dr Max Baker-Hytch and Dr Callum Miller explain the origins of the Bible: A book, compiling the writings of over 40 authors over a period of centuries, and the best selling book of all time, trusted by billions around the world.

Is what is written in it true? And if it is, what does that mean for you? 

Dr Callum Miller graduated from the University of Oxford in 2015 with degrees in Medical Sciences (Neuroscience) and Medicine and Surgery. He also pursued a degree in Biblical Studies at the University of Manchester.

Dr Max Baker-Hytch holds a doctorate in Philosophy from Oxford University in 2014, and works as a lecturer at Wycliffe Hall.

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Resurrection and Hope!

The claims of the Christian faith are audaciously physical.  Surely the option of a story with a spiritual resurrection with symbolic significance would have been a safer myth? And yet the disciples of the historical figure, Jesus of Nazareth, insisted on making an embodied claim.  Can any right minded person believe in the resurrection?  And what difference does it make?

Who is Tom Price?

Tom Price is a lecturer and a public communicator about Christian belief. He was made an Archbishop’s Evangelist in 2019. He studied Philosophy at university and later completed an MA in Christian Apologetics, and is currently undertaking doctoral research in theology, philosophy and film.

What makes Good Friday good?

Why choose a symbol of cruelty and oppression, why celebrate a display of death and despair, why choose an instrument of torture and execution to express the heart of the Christian Faith? 

And why call it ‘Good’?

Send your questions to questions@apostolic-anc.org and have them answered this evening at 7pm.

Who is Simon Edwards?

Simon Edwards is the Lead Missioner of the OCCA the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

He holds separate degrees in law and economics from the University of Queensland, Australia, as well as graduate diplomas in legal studies and education. Simon also has a postgraduate diploma in theology from the University of Oxford and is currently studying for a master in divinity at the University of St. Andrews. He brings with him a diverse range of Christian ministry, legal, government, and teaching experience.

Why believe in Jesus?

Is it possible, or even logical, to believe in Jesus? Listen to Andy Moore give the answer tonight. Get your questions answered by sending them to questions@apostolic-anc.org and have them answered live tonight from 7pm.

Who is Andy Moore?

Andy Moore is the director and co-founder of Festival of Thought. Andy is a chartered accountant in England and Wales and the holder of certificates in Christian apologetics and theological studies from the OCCA The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and the University of Oxford.

Andy holds a Masters in Philosophy from the University of Birmingham and hopes to progress to doctoral studies in the area of bioethics. He is a keen sportsman and has played rugby to representative level within Ireland.

Where is God in the suffering?

Suffering is the universal. How do we reach those who are suffering? Listen to Sharon Dirckx on this subject. Send your questions to questions@apostolic-anc.org and get the answer in the Q&A session afterward.

Who is Dr Sharon Dirckx?

Sharon Dirckx is a Senior Tutor at OCCA The Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics. Originally from a scientific background, she has a PhD in brain imaging from the University of Cambridge and has held research positions at the University of Oxford, UK, and the Medical College of Wisconsin, USA. She is a regular speaker at Universities, conferences and other events. Sharon lives in Oxford with her husband and two young children.

Can I be good without God?

Being and doing good are part of the DNA of millennials and Gen Z.  We want the world to be a better place; we want moral progress; we want justice. Surely we can achieve this without God?  But if we take God out of the picture, what is left?  What is the alternative?  Can we be good without God?

If, after watching the following video you have more questions please send them to questions@apostolic-anc.org and we will do our best to get them answered.

Does faith make sense?

Many people will try to tell you that faith makes no sense. However, you may be surprised to hear the truth: denying faith makes no sense! Hear Simon Edwards unpack this vital subject in the first of a number of talks this year.

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Sharing the Conversation

A conversation is not a conversation unless there is another person to talk to. Who will you bring to the conversation? Send a link to this page to your friends and family and bring them along! taclac.co.uk/why-jesus

About The Why Jesus? Series

Last November, the London Area Churches presented Why Jesus: The Conversation that matters.! These series of talks unravelled some of the difficult questions surrounding the matter of whether you can believe in Jesus. A short talk was followed by a Q & A session to which anyone could contribute and get their questions answered. You can find those videos below. Some of the answers will blow you mind!

Due to the success of the programme we are excited to present in 2021  Why Jesus: Continuing the Conversation which starts on Wednesday 27th January with the topic: Does Faith Make Sense?  We are very excited about all the events planned throughout the year. We invite you to join us and ‘Continue the conversation!’ 

The sessions will be streamed via YOUTUBE.  Please invite your friends and family. We look forward to answering your questions!

Find the answer to the most important question of your life: Why Jesus?

Why Jesus?

Q&A for the Why Jesus talk

What gives us worth?

If God is good, why suffering?

What gives us hope?

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